Why this website exists and its aim.


This website is a test project owned by an individual. It is not linked to a government institution, council or political party. Frustrated by a lack of speedy access to public information, it was written to more quickly navigate the complicated and often misunderstood world of local politics. The primary aim is an experiment to make unbiased local political information more accessible to the average non-political human being.

Primary Aims

  1. Improve and encourage the local debate.
  2. Encourage transparency.
  3. Increase voter turnout.


We are set up for Eastleigh Borough Council in Hampshire but as some Eastleigh decisions at a county level (e.g. traffic, schools) are taken as part of Hampshire council, the whole of Hampshire is included. It would make logical sense therefore to widen the scope to include other council's across Hampshire if there is interest.

Parish councils are not currently in scope - although I would welcome the opportunity to extend it but may need volunteers for that. :)

Data Sources

Data from the ONS to determine postcode and boundary lookups.

Open data from your local council to determine information about councillors and meetings.

Candidate and election data from the Democracy Club to avoid duplicate keying.

Meeting Recordings

Meeting recordings are provided by people kind enough to record the meetings so that you can see them.

Contact Us

This site will be regularly evolving based on feedback.

If you have feedback or suggestions or find this information useful, do let us know [email protected]